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Gargara (Küçükkuyu) leans on  Gargaran Hill where was decorated with the attractively colored olive trees which are suddenly appeared just seen as coming from the sea. Upon the old Greek culture, it is believed this hill has been hosting Zeus Altar, which has been established  to present the victims to the Gods. The Old Greeks traditionally had adopted to give the victims in order to win the wars, release from the illnesses, unproductiveness and keep them safe...

Kazdağları (İda), is believed as the mountain of Goodness and Love in mythology. The first beauty contest was organized there.. Aphrodite felt in love Paris there as well. 
It is possible to observe the ethnographic  gallery of Tahtakuşlar Village and SARIKIZ legend that caused to replace the name of the mountain “IDA of 3000 years  with “KAZDAĞLARI”   in scope of the cultural activities of Turkmen and Yoruk local people.

Assos or the current name i.e. Behramkale (Behramköy) is a  living areas of Ayvacık Town in Çanakkale since BC 1000s. The famous fresh and delicious fish and calamari of Assos offer  you an unforgettable taste in an atmosphere just as a real paradise thus that’s the reason why famous philosopher Aristo got married here.

Genoese Bridge
It was a common belief that this bridge was made by the Genoeses and served the people for the centuries. This bridge was also the most important passage of the historical road known as  "Yağcı Yolu". Any other important role of this famous bridge at Muhlı Valley was  to act as a meeting point for the people who live in Aegean Region and Kaz Mountains. 

Afrodit  Thermal Spring was discovered by the Love Goddess, Aphrodite upon the rumors. When Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty & Love suffered from leprosy and her beauty was destructed, God Zeus got rid of her  and a shepherd took and brought her to this thermal springs cave. She started to have bath every day with the hot spring at 42 degree then she regained her beauty depending on such miracle effect of the thermal spring.    

Upon the old Greek culture, it is believed it has been hosting Zeus Altar, which has been established  to present the victims to the Gods The cistern full of water is seen just similar to a small room with high walls made with stones and it is known by the local people as the Zeus Cave however the stairs climbing down to the cistern was demolished today.